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From the very beginning Kunark and Velious are open with no
plans to go further. Luclin is a possibility that will be
left for discussion.

All races and all classes (just can't use or go to Cresent Reach of Shar Val)
In regards to Epics limited access to the Luclin zones will
be granted as per requirement.

Raid or don't raid. Its up to the guild and the players.  Raiding is certainly
something we'd like to do but not to the exclusion of non-raid content.

Twink or don't twink, but keep in mind that if you do you
are likely to become bored and dissatisfied by doing so.

It would be appreciated if people didn't use their high level
toons to farm items to give to their guilded toons but that
is left to their own conscience.
What I would like to see is people only using the gear that
they solo'd with their true to our code or in a group that
they get exp with but again I leave that up to the player's
conscience.  Some will want to do it and some won't.
I commend those that do. 

PoK use is allowed as well as guildlobby and guildbank.
I myself may not be able to use the guildbank because the last
real expansion I own is the one before Darkhollow. This hasn't
been an issue since I've been playing mostly on Test and on
Test all expansions are free. I'm not clear as to when
Stonebrunt, Jaggedpine, and the Warrens were open so for now
they would remain closed. As always such things are up
for discussion.

No Mercs or Defiant Armor or anything that drops in zones
beyond our allowed expansion/era. I'm leaning toward no loot
from "revamped" zones such as Droga. This topic is one that
I am adamant about. Absolutely no mercs or out of era gear.
If a player is caught using them they are out of the guild.
That includes no augmentations or charms.

Bazaar is ok but not recommended

AA use is ok but not recommended.

Powerleveling is ok (within the guild, only by guildmembers)
but not recommended.

Grouping with people who are beyond our level cap (60 at default)
is not accepted nor is grouping with people who use gear we
are not permitted to. This includes Mercs.  Again being caught doing
so is grounds for guildremoval.

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Cutahlion, Feb 25, 10 8:05 PM.
This is a great place to keep members and visitors up to date on things of interest!
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